31 Days

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In 31 Days, acclaimed historian Barry Werth takes readers inside the White House during the tumultuous days of August 1974, following Richard Nixon’s resignation and the swearing-in of America’s "accidental president," Gerald Ford. The Watergate scandal had torn the country apart.

In a dramatic, day-by-day account of the new administration’s inner workings, Werth shows how Ford, caught between political expedience, the country’s demands for justice, and his own moral compass, struggled valiantly to restore the nation’s tarnished faith in its leadership. With deft and refreshing analysis Werth illuminates how this unprecedented political upheaval produced new fissures and battle lines, as well as new opportunities for political advancement for ambitious young men such as Donald Rumsfeld, who had been Nixon’s ambassador to NATO, and Dick Cheney, already coolly efficient as Rumsfeld’s former deputy. A superbly crafted presidential history with all of the twists and turns of a thriller, 31 Days  sheds new light on the key players and political dilemmas that reverberate in today’s headlines.

From the Trade Paperback edition.


  1. Написал в своей книги мои мысли, книгу прочел залпом.

  2. Мне все книги афоризмы нравится, а эта больше всех!!!

  3. Инесса, я два дня потеряла в социальных сетях, сегодня удалила аккаунты. Никогда не думала что столько бездельников там торчит. Нашла практически всех знакомых, друзей, одноклассников. Теперь- то я знаю чем люди на работе занимаются. 😉

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