A Cowboy’s Life: A Memoir

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The humble man from Throckmorton, Texas, often called "the greatest defensive tackle in NFL history," shares his life’s journey for the first time in "A Cowboy’s Life." Bob Lilly recounts his beginnings in Texas, being the first player ever drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in 1961, his induction into the Ring of Honor and the Pro Football Hall of Fame, as well as his passion for photography.

Bob Lilly was the first draft choice of the then-new Dallas Cowboys in 1961. During his 14-year career with the Cowboys, he was named All-Pro seven times and played in 11 Pro Bowls. In 1980, he became the first Cowboy inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. After his retirement from football, he pursued his love of photography, and in 1984 published Reflections, a book of his photographs.

He lives in Sun City, Texas. Kristine Setting Clark is a University of San Francisco graduate and a feature writer for the San Francisco 49ers’ Gameday magazine. She is the author of Legends of the Hall: 1950’s; St. Clair: I’ll Take It Raw; and Undefeated, Untied, and Uninvited. She lives in Northern.

Roger Staubach is the former quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys who led them to two Super Bowl victories. He was elected into the football Hall of Fame in 1985.