Comprehensive Organic Reactions in Aqueous Media: Edition 2

Science, Chemistry, Organic

Science, Chemistry, Organic

An extensive update of the classic reference on organic reactions in water

Published almost a decade ago, the first edition has served as the guide for research in this burgeoning field. Due to the cost, safety, efficiency, and environmental friendliness of water as a solvent, there are many new applications in industry and academic laboratories. More than forty percent of this extensively updated second edition covers new reactions.

For ease of reference, it is organized by functional groups. A core reference, Comprehensive Organic Reactions in Aqueous Media, Second Edition:

* Provides the most comprehensive coverage of aqueous organicreactions available

* Covers the basic principles and theory and progresses to applications

* Includes alkanes, alkenes, aromatics, electrophilic substitutions, carbonyls, alpha, beta-unsaturated carbonyls, carbon-nitrogen bonds, organic halides, pericyclic reactions, photochemical reactions, click chemistry, and multi-step syntheses?

* Provides examples of applications in industry

This is the premier reference for chemists and chemical engineers in industry or research, as well as for students in advanced-level courses.
Chao-Jun Li, PhD, is Professor at McGill University in Canada. Professor Li began teaching at Tulane University in 1994 and received an NSF CAREER Award for work done from 1998–2002, the Outstanding Young Oversea Scientist Award from the NSFC in 2001, and the U.S.

Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award in Academia for 2001. Dr. Li moved to McGill University in 2003 and received a Canada Research Chair in Green Chemistry (Tier I).

He coauthored the popular first edition of Organic Reactions in Aqueous Media (Wiley).

Tak-Hang Chan, PhD, is Professor Emeritus at McGill University in Canada and Chair Professor of Organic Chemistry at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Hong Kong. In 1993, Professor Chan received the prestigious R.U. Lemieux Award of the Canadian Society of Chemistry. A pioneer in green chemistry, he is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and holds Honorary Professorships at Academia Sinica, Peking University, and Lanzhou University.

He was coauthor of the first edition.