Functionalized Polymeric Materials in Agriculture and the Food Industry

Science, Chemistry, Organic Technology & Engineering, Agriculture, General Technology & Engineering, Chemical & Biochemical Technology & Engineering, Food Science Technology & Engineering, Textiles & Polymers

Science, Chemistry, Organic

The purpose of this book will be to demonstrate 1) the newly developed method of using reactive functionalized materials in agriculture to solve the economic and public health problems associated with using conventional agrochemicals; and 2) new technology aimed at achieving the greening of chemistry to meet appropriate environmental standards in both agriculture and industrial foodstuffs production. More specifically, the book will accomplish this goal by addressing 3 key issues in the field: 1) the production of reactive functionalized materials with enhanced properties that offer a major opportunity to overcome the disadvantages of using traditional materials; 2) the applications of functionalized materials in agriculture for the purpose of solving the economic and the environmental pollution problems associated with the uses of conventional agrochemicals; and 3) the contribution of polymers in solving problems associated with conventional procedures of food growth and processing, including those used in the dairy industry, sugar and fruit juices, beer and wine production, nutritive and nonnutritive food additives, and in food protection.