Higher Education in the Asian Century: The European legacy and the future of Transnational Education in the ASEAN region

Education, Comparative Education, Higher

Education, Comparative

There is increasing interest in the Asian arena; both as a home for the delivery of international higher education and as a breeding ground for a new brand of sustainable domestic and international growth. Academics are increasingly turning to Asia and Asian Education in order to better understand and predict the emerging trends of global education and this book will serve to provide a forum for debate of this nature.

The book provides an insight into the interplay of Asian and European education, identifies the key areas for further development and firmly grounds the approach as one of conversation and dialogue, rather than one-sided dictation. It also highlights the critical issues within the development of international education, discusses the value and challenges of existing TNE practices as a mechanism to respond to the emerging Asian needs and provides an insight into the future direction of education in the Asian century.

Christopher Hill is an Associate Professor, Faculty of Education and Director of the Doctoral Training Centre at The British University in Dubai.

Rozilini Fernandez-Chung is the Vice-President of HELP University College in Malaysia.